Poisonous, venomous.
Destructive, noxious, hurtful, injurious, pernicious, mischievous, deadly, ruinous, fraught with evil. See baleful.

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  • Baneful — Bane ful, a. Having poisonous qualities; deadly; destructive; injurious; noxious; pernicious. Baneful hemlock. Garth. Baneful wrath. Chapman. [1913 Webster] {Bane ful*ly}, adv. {Bane ful*ness}, n. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • baneful — I adjective bad, baleful, corrosive, damaging, dangerous, deadly, deleterious, destructive, detrimental, disadvantageous, disastrous, disserviceable, evil, fatal, harmful, heinous, hostile, hurtful, insalubrious, injurious, lethal, malevolent,… …   Law dictionary

  • baneful — *pernicious, noxious, deleterious, detrimental Analogous words: harmful, injurious, mischievous, hurtful (see corresponding nouns at INJURY): malign, *sinister, baleful: *poisonous, venomous, toxic Antonyms: beneficial Contrasted words:… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • baneful — [adj] ruinous, injurious baleful, calamitous, deadly, deleterious, destructive, disastrous, evil, fatal, harmful, hurtful, malefic, noxious, pernicious, pestilent, pestilential, poisonous, venomous, wicked; concepts 537,570 Ant. advantageous,… …   New thesaurus

  • baneful — [bān′fəl] adj. causing distress, death, or ruin; deadly SYN. PERNICIOUS banefully adv …   English World dictionary

  • baneful — baleful, baneful These two somewhat literary words are not much used in everyday language; baleful is slightly better known perhaps than baneful. Since they overlap in meaning, they tend to be confused. Baleful (from bale, ‘misery’) means ‘having …   Modern English usage

  • baneful — banefully, adv. banefulness, n. /bayn feuhl/, adj. 1. destructive; pernicious: a baneful superstition. 2. deadly; poisonous: baneful herbs. [1570 80; BANE + FUL] Syn. harmful, noxious; venomous, toxic. * * * …   Universalium

  • baneful — /ˈbeɪnfəl/ (say baynfuhl) adjective destructive; pernicious; poisonous: a baneful superstition; baneful herbs. –banefully, adverb …  

  • baneful — adjective Date: 1579 1. productive of destruction or woe ; seriously harmful < a baneful influence > 2. archaic poisonous Synonyms: see pernicious • banefully …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • baneful — See baleful, baneful …   Dictionary of problem words and expressions

  • baneful — adjective a) Exceedingly harmful; causing harm, death, ruin. b) Deadly or sinister …   Wiktionary

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